The following variations are currently available: brown switch ANSI, brown switch ISO, blue switch ANSI, blue switch ISO, black switch ANSI, clear switch ANSI, clear switch ISO, green switch ISO. Contact us after ordering and we will change the product parameters.

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This is the one and only Ultimate Hacking Keyboard, or to be more precise, the UHK 60, our flagship product.

The UHK is a fully programmable, impeccably built, open source, split mechanical keyboard – designed for extreme productivity and ergonomics.

Key switch type

Key switch type is the defining factor, which determines the feel of any keyboard. We offer six switch types; each has its own character and corresponding color.

If you’re just not sure which to choose, don’t worry! We suggest that you simply choose one in a left-to-right style – so if the Blue/tactile switches sound good to you, then pick them. If Blue option doesn’t sound like a good fit, then we think that Brown would most likely be your next best option. Also, if Brown isn't for you, then you could always choose Red. Our three recommendations are the most popular.

Blue Brown Red Black Clear Green
Feel Highly tactile Tactile Linear Linear Tactile Highly tactile
Noise Clicky Non clicky Non-clicky Non-clicky Non-clicky Clicky
Sounds clip Stroke / Typing Stroke / Typing Stroke / Typing Stroke / Typing Stroke / Typing Stroke / Typing
Actuation force 50 cN 60 cN 45 cN 60 cN 65 cN 80 cN
  • Blue switches are a great choice for hardcore touch typists since these switches have a highly tactile nature, but they’re the loudest of all so, if you’re in a shared environment, some noise will have to be tolerated..
  • Brown switches are also a good choice for typists because they’re tactile, and they are a lot less noisy than Blue switches. Given their internal construction these switches are easier to double-tap, making them preferred by gamers.
  • Red switches are primarily meant for gamers. They’re non-tactile, smooth to press, and it's super-easy to double-tap.
  • Black switches are similar to Red switches but stiffer, which makes them less prone to accidental key presses.
  • Clear switches are similar to Brown switches but stiffer.
  • Green switches are similar to Blue switches but stiffer.

As you can see from the product options, Brown, Blue, Red, and Black switches are from Kailh. Clear and Green switches are from Cherry, only because they don't have the Kailh counterparts. We found that Kailh switches are just as high quality as Cherry switches, and it's easier to conduct business with Kailh for smaller manufacturers like us. So far, we haven't received complains about Kailh switches, and it seems that our customers definitely love them. We don't have any plans to offer Cherry switches instead of Kailh in the future.

If you're still not sure which switch to choose, we strongly recommend purchasing a switch tester.


We only provide bar-shaped Enter key. The main reason is that it's more ergonomic than the L-shaped Enter key, and it's super easy to get used to, even for ISO users.


We only offer black keycaps with the printing options, as shown on the top preview image, which is blank and US English with OS-specific key variations.

Please note that depending on environmental conditions, keycap labels may dim over time due to laser-etching, the technology we use to put labels on the keycaps. If you want to avoid label dimming in the long term, then blank keycaps are your best bet. Alternatively, see the layout and keycaps page regarding third-party keycap sets.

Box contents

The following items are included:

  • The UHK (left and right keyboard halves)
  • Bridge cable (11cm collapsed – 30cm expanded, or 0.35 – 1 foot), or make a custom length bridge cable
  • USB Mini-B cable (180cm long, or 6 feet)
  • Four flip-out feet and screws

For maximum ergonomics (tenting and negative tilting), the UHK palm rest is strongly recommended.