Can I have a longer bridge cable?

Can I have a longer bridge cable?2018-11-07T01:13:10+00:00

Even though we don't offer an alternative bridge cable, you can make / get made one very easily and cheaply. The following criterias apply:

  1. The cable must utilize 4P4C jacks on its end.
  2. The cable must feature 4 wires to connect each of the 4 pins of the jacks.
  3. The cable should be as short as possible. The longer the cable, the higher the chance communication problems between the keyboard halves will occur. If you need a long cable, use a straight cable instead of a spiral cable to minimize overall cable length. Then you can go as long as about 3 meters.
  4. The wiring of the jacks must be cross-over, not straight-through. This means that the opposite pins of the jacks must be connected. This is easy to tell because the colors of the wires of the jacks are visible, so their order should be the opposite. Check out the following picture:
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