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The UHK palm rest belongs to a class of its own. It's made of natural beech wood, which is then machined, pickled, lacquered, and finally fixated to a powder-coated steel plate. It offers a unique combination of warmth, class, and durability.

The palm rest firmly attaches to your UHK, and it's strongly recommended for maximum ergonomics. You can simply pull this palm rest apart from the UHK to unmount it and mount it in the opposite direction.

Please use a dampened cloth with a detergent to clean the palm rest. Do not under any circumstances use isopropyl alcohol or ethanol based products for the palm rest as they'll dissolve the lacquer!

This palm rest is compatible with both the UHK 60 v1 and UHK 60 v2. As for feet compatibility, it's not compatible with UHK 60 v1 Feet, only with UHK 60 v2 Feet.