Hi there, and welcome to this slightly delayed monthly UHK status update!

TL;DR: We’ve delivered about 50 UHK 60 v2 orders in September, and the overall feedback was great, but a customer reported a production issue that can affect other customers as well. We ensure that this issue won’t reoccur going forward, delaying production by a week or two. We plan to ship about 100 UHK 60 v2 orders in October and keep ramping up production.

TL;DR 2: Due to various factors, order fulfillment is not yet strictly executed on a first-come, first-served basis. If your UHK 60 v2 has a non-black case, your order can get further delayed. We can change your UHK 60 v2 case color to black if you fill out this form. New orders are expected to ship in February 2022. Read on for more details.

We’re delighted to hear from UHK 60 v2 customers as they received their orders!

Sadly, Ben reported after his initial tweet that three sockets of his UHK separated from the PCB when he replaced all the switches. Socketed keyboards are affected by this issue, but three sockets are too much to be considered normal.

Going forward, our contract manufacturer will use more solder for the sockets, and we’ll add mechanical support to prevent such issues. The mechanism for mechanical support will be the same we’ve been using for the key cluster module. For the record, we’ve delivered thousands of key cluster modules and haven’t received any complaints about separated sockets.

For the time being, we’ll use extra parts within the case for adding mechanical support. Later, we’ll integrate this solution to the bottom case parts by modifying their molds. We’re chasing the latter solution because it makes manufacturing easier and faster. Consequently, we won’t manufacture non-black cases until the mold gets modified, which should take about three months.

We currently only have black cases in stock, so if you’re early in the queue and don’t want your order to get further delayed than necessary, switch to a black case by filling out this form. You can check your order parameters several days after you submit the form.

When will my order arrive?

New orders are expected to ship in February 2022. 

As for earlier orders, the following factors inhibited us from shipping on a first-come, first-served basis:

  1. I realized about a week ago that our order allocation algorithm was still buggy and didn’t respect our first-come, first-served principle. I fixed the bug, tested it, and it won’t be an issue in the future.
  2. We don’t have palm rests and extra v2 feet in stock, so orders containing these items aren’t sent to production. We expect to have stock in two weeks, at which point this will be a non-issue.
  3. Only UHKs with black cases will be shipped until modifying the mold to add the mentioned mechanical support mechanism. We expect to manufacture non-black cases about three months from now. Again, you can switch to a black case according to the above instructions.

Consequently, if your order hasn't shipped yet and you see an order number larger than yours shipped, it doesn’t mean that there's something wrong with your order. If your order is in the “processing” state, we'll ship it as soon as possible. Please check the status of your order before emailing us.

As soon as points 1 and 2 are resolved, we’ll update the delivery status page.

Thanks for reading this update! We’ll be keeping you updated on all things UHK and plan to publish the next update at the end of October.