UHK 60 v2 production has started, earliest orders ship in September, and new orders are expected to ship in January 2022.

To give you a rough idea regarding your place in the queue, the order id of the first UHK 60 v2 order is #7944 which gets shipped in September and the last order is #11069 which is expected to ship at the end of January 2022. It takes time to ramp up production, so production progress is not linear. This is currently all the information we're able to provide. This page doesn't contain real-time data, and it was updated on 2021-09-03.

The mass-production of modules is underway, and we expect to ship every module order in the first half of September, excluding customers without a UHK. The modules are not helpful without a keyboard, so UHK 60 v2 customers without a UHK 60 v1 who also ordered modules will receive every item in one package, including their modules and UHKs.