Hi there, and welcome to this monthly UHK status update!

TL;DR: UHK 60 v2 production has finally started, earliest orders will ship in September, and new orders are expected to ship in January 2022. Every Crowd Supply order has been shipped, and almost all module orders of UHK 60 v1 customers have been shipped.

Please make sure to update your address!

Please note that these are unusually busy days, and as a result, our support response time is considerably longer than usual. It may take some days to get back to you, but we will get back to you.

UHK 60 v2 production progress

After multiple delays, I’m delighted to say that all the needed parts have arrived and UHK 60 v2 production has finally started. The earliest orders will ship in September. We’ll work hard to fulfill pending UHK 60 v2 orders and catch up. If you purchase now, we expect to deliver your order in January 2022.

Don’t expect our UHK 60 v2 production volume to be high in September, as we still have some modules to ship, and launching the production of a new product is usually a bit slow in the beginning. 

Module production progress

We’ve shipped every Crowd Supply order. If you haven’t received yours yet, chances are it’s already in transit.

We plan to ship pending module orders in the next two weeks to every customer who hasn’t ordered a UHK 60 v2.

As for the rest of the module orders, we’ll ship them together with UHK 60 v2 units.

Your tweets

You guys keep sending your tweets, and we're always eager to read and feature them! If you got your UHK or modules, please share your love!

We’ll be keeping you updated on all things UHK and plan to publish the next update at the end of September.