Hi there, and welcome to this monthly UHK status update!

Module shipping has peaked in June, and as a result, we’ve received some tweets which make us very excited.

Right now, module production is on a temporary halt, and it’ll resume in two days; we recently noticed that a large portion of module cases didn’t meet our quality standards, and we had to get new cases made. This issue set back module production by about one and a half weeks, unfortunately. We’ll be doing more thorough early incoming quality control to catch such problems early on.

We’ll keep churning out the modules, and we expect to ship every Crowd Supply order in the first half of July. The delivery of non-EU orders via Crowd Supply may take weeks longer due to the extra fulfillment and shipping step on their part.

We’ll continue with the modules ordered via the UHK webshop, and we believe we’ll ship most or all of them until the end of July, except for the modules of UHK 60 v2 customers who haven’t ordered a UHK 60 v1. We’ll deliver such modules together with UHK 60 v2 keyboards, as the modules are not helpful without a keyboard.

As for UHK 60 v2 production, we’re only two days away from having the final mold, but our injection molding supplier has an organizational restructuring which can delay the production schedule by about a week or two. When the first molded UHK 60 v2 parts come off the assembly line, we’ll see how much tweaking has to be made to the mold. We believe we can launch UHK 60 v2 production in late July.

From that point forward, we’ll continuously ship UHK 60 v2 pre-orders on a first-come, first-served basis as quickly as we can, possibly until the end of the year. We can’t provide a more precise production schedule yet, but we’ll keep you updated monthly as usual.

We appreciate your patience, and we’re looking forward to talking to you at the end of July.