Hi there, and welcome to this monthly UHK status update!

TL;DR: The first 400 modules have been shipped from our facility, and we’ll be continuously shipping the remaining module pre-orders. We’ve approved the latest PBT keycap set our supplier sent to us, and UHK 60 v2 production is expected to start in early June. We will try to provide estimates regarding pending orders in our next update.

Please make sure to update your shipping address if you have moved to another location since your order.

Also, please open the web address that you can find in the module boxes to be able to use the modules and make the most out of them. Don’t forget to update to Agent 1.5.12 and firmware 8.10.9 or any later version available.

Production progress

After all this time, we’ve finally shipped the first module batch, containing 400 modules. These are some of the modules.

We’ve ended up providing a red ball, a black ball, and a steel ball for the trackball modules because we’re unsure which one you’ll like best, and your feedback is much welcome.

We can’t wait to see your posts and hear your experiences regarding the modules. The following is the first we’ve received.

You may be wondering why you haven’t gotten your module order even though you ordered earlier than Domi. The reason is that so far, we’ve only shipped non-Crowd Supply module orders because Crowd Supply’s order database is not synchronized with ours yet. In a couple of days, however, it will be synchronized, at which point we’ll start shipping Crowd Supply module orders, too.

We’ll be continuously shipping the remaining module pre-orders in the coming months. We’ll provide an estimate regarding module shipping, but it’s too early as it was challenging to start module mass production, so the assembly speed of the first module batch is not representative.

As stated in our previous newsletter, the UHK 60 v2 is currently blocked by the lack of PBT keycaps and plastic parts. Our keycap supplier expects to start shipping the keycaps in early June, by which time the plastic parts should be ready, too, and UHK 60 v2 production will begin. From that point forward, we’ll continuously ship UHK 60 v2 orders, possibly until the end of the year, which begs some explanation.

The current and future state of delivery

Under normal circumstances, we ship orders in a matter of days, as we did from 2019 May to 2020 October.

As you can probably tell, the current circumstances are everything but normal for several reasons, some of which I’m about to explain.

  1. We’re releasing five different products (four modules and the UHK 60 v2). Every product has its own set of manufacturing challenges, and ramping up production is quite challenging even for a single product.
  2. We have quite a backlog, especially of modules that we need to fulfill. At the same time, the demand for our products has significantly increased recently.
  3. Our on-site, on-demand manufacturing operation is excellent when it comes to a steady stream of orders but not ideal for combating large backlogs. As a result, it takes more time to catch up than if we had an OEM in China.
  4. The electronics supply chain is a wreck due to Covid. We had to purchase several thousand ICs for the modules and the UHK 60 v2 for about ten times the price we usually pay, and we were told we’re lucky we could even get the parts.

We sympathize with every one of our customers whose order is delayed, and we’re doing our best to catch up.

If you need an ergonomic keyboard quickly due to health issues, the UHK is not the right choice now. (Unless you pick up the handful of UHK 60 v1’s left on stock.) But if you’re not in a hurry, it’s still worth purchasing because we’ll raise the price of our products after we catch up with pre-orders, and we deliver on a first-come, first-served basis.

On the upside, after shipping the current module and UHK 60 v2 pre-orders, we expect to ship most orders in 24 hours on workdays, faster than ever before.

Thanks for your understanding, and your continued patience is much appreciated.

Your tweets

Please keep spreading the word on the modules and the UHK in general. The following tweets put smiles on our faces.

We’ll be keeping you updated on all things UHK and plan to publish the following update at the end of May.