The keyboard. For professionals.

A fully programmable, impeccably built, open source, split mechanical keyboard designed for extreme productivity and ergonomics.

  • Increase your productivity by never leaving the home row.
  • Improve your posture by typing on two, separate keyboard halves.
  • Remap your keys in any way you want.
  • Extend the UHK with modules such as a trackball, trackpoint, touchpad, or a key cluster.
  • Experience how a keyboard can be different, yet familiar.

We ship from Hungary. Customs charges may apply outside the EU.

The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard is a split mechanical keyboard which utilizes Cherry MX-style switches. It's also a fully programmable keyboard which can be vastly customized for your needs. If you need a compact ergonomic keyboard or looking for the programmers' keyboard, look no further!

Increased Ergonomics

As a truly split keyboard, the two keyboard halves of the UHK result in a more natural typing posture – rather than forcing your wrists to adapt to a straight keyboard, you can adjust your keyboard so that your wrists are straight.

The halves are connected by a replacable bridge cable which expands and shrinks as needed, occupying minimal desk space.

The UHK palm rest belongs to a class of its own. It's made of natural beech wood which gets machined, pickled, lacquered, and finally fixated to a powder-coated steel plate. It offers the unique combination of warmth, class, and strength.

The palm rest firmly attaches to your UHK, and it's strongly recommended for maximum ergonomics.


negative tilting

positive tilting

Key Cluster Module

This module features 3 regular keys, 2 buttons and a mini trackball which can also be pressed – acting as an extra button. This is the only currently available module for the left keyboard half.

Trackball Module

The trackball features excellent precision and usability and is well-suited to be used by a thumb. This module is designed for the right keyboard half.

Trackpoint Module

The trackpoint surely brings back fond memories for those of you who have owned an IBM ThinkPad laptop in the past. With it, you can not only move the pointer, but click by pressing it. This module is designed for the right keyboard half.

Touchpad Module

The touchpad shouldn’t be stranger to anyone these days. This module takes it to another level by placing the touchpad where it’s easier to reach – right at the middle of the keyboard. You can emulate clicking with a tap. This module is designed for the right keyboard half.

We ship from Hungary. Customs charges may apply outside the EU.

The Four Layers of the Factory Keymap

Layers provide a way to map multiple functions to a single key. Think of the Fn key of laptops, but unlike laptops, there is not one but three layer-switcher keys, namely Mod, Fn, and Mouse. These three, in addition to the Base Layer, give you four separate layers.

Please realize that touch typists all around the world only utilize nine of their ten fingers on regular keyboards because everyone presses space with either the left or right thumb, leaving the other thumb unutilized. The Mod keys are strategically placed so that both of your thumbs can be utilized, allowing you to reach the Mod layer’s navigation functionality quicker than navigating on regular keyboards.

The Base layer contains the regular alphanumeric keys. It also includes the Super key, which acts as the Windows key on Microsoft Windows platforms or as the Command key on Apple Macintosh platforms.

The Mod layer contains often-used navigation and function keys. The Mod keys are thumb activated and thus very easily accessible. You’re able to navigate quickly without moving your hands around, saving you a lot of time over the long run.

The Fn layer contains media keys to adjust the volume, navigate across tracks and launch often-used applications. Many of these functions can often be found on laptops.

The Mouse layer enables you to control the mouse pointer and trigger mouse clicks and scroll-wheel movements, purely using keys and without leaving your keyboard.

Ultimate Configurability

Agent is the configuration application of the UHK.

Unlike other keyboard configurators, Agent allows for easy, yet deep configuration of your UHK. Its user interface was crafted to be powerful, yet intuitive.

Agent provides loads of advanced features, like mouse keys, dual role keys, shortcuts, multiple keymaps, layers, macros, mouse speed settings, and more.

You can save your configuration in a second with a click of a button, and take it with you. Your UHK remembers its configuration without Agent.

Agent runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Check out the web demo of Agent.

Open Hardware, Software, and Firmware

The UHK was never meant to be a black box. It’s very important for us to open up the design, so that you can infinitely customize it to your needs. We know that this mindset pushes innovation forward, and it resonates with many of you. Agent, the UHK firmware, and the UHK electronics design files are released under the General Public License and hosted under our GitHub account. You can even design your own modules!

"The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard feels just as sturdy split apart, as it does when it's joined together."

"They’re really serious about not taking your hands off the keyboard."

"[The UHK] is proof positive that even compact, performance-designed, single-purpose gadgets can be designed for repair, from the ground up—complete with repair documentation."

"… there’s been a notable shortage of keyboards that reinvent the concept for people who spend more time working than playing. That’s where the UHK plans to come in."

We ship from Hungary. Customs charges may apply outside the EU.