One of the most unique and fun features of the UHK is built in mouse navigation, so let's give it a spin!

UHK mouse move keys

Moving the pointer

Hold the Mouse key, and press I, J, K, or L to move the pointer upwards, leftwards, downwards, or rightwards.

Please note that mouse movement may be very fast or slow on your system. It's highly dependent on your operating system and its settings. If you're on a Mac, mouse movement is probably very slow and scrolling is very fast. Don't worry, you'll be able to fine tune the speed and acceleration of the mouse in Agent.


Press Mouse + F to left click. Here's a widget to practice.

Click to change color

Double click to change size

Hold to rotate

Now apply what you've learned in order to drag Source into Destination!


Mouse + S invokes right mouse click. Try it to activate the context menu of the browser.

Mouse + D invokes the middle mouse click. Let's give it a try!

Middle click to rotate


UHK mouse move keys

Hold Mouse, and press Y, H, U, or O to scroll upwards, downwards, leftwards, or rightwards.

Mac users, the upwards and downwards scrolling keys of your UHK are not reversed, but rather it's the reverse scrolling feature of OSX. You can disable it in System Preferences, or switch these keys in Agent.

You can practice horizontal scrolling on the following picture.

Acceleration and deceleration

UHK mouse move keys

While holding Mouse and moving the pointer or scrolling, you can also hold the Accelerate and Decelerate keys to affect mouse speed. Acceleration is quite useful when moving the pointer to the opposite corner of the screen or scrolling through long web pages quickly. Deceleration is handy for precision control.

Locking the mouse layer

Holding Mouse is exhausting in the long run, so you can double-tap it to lock it. Then tap it again to unlock it.

When the mouse layer is locked, the "mouse" text on the LED display lights up, so you can always see if it's enabled.

UHK mouse alternative click keys

With the highlighted alternative click keys, you can lock the mouse layer, then mouse around only by using your right hand.

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