On regular keyboards, the arrow keys are arranged into a separate block, forcing you to leave the home row to use them.

The UHK is designed so that you never have to leave the home row. Meet the Mod keys.

The Mod keys are diagonally symmetrical. You're expected to use mostly the left Mod key which is easier to reach.

Also notice the right Mod key which is part of the case. You can use it to navigate around by only using your right hand.

With Mod, you can trigger the arrow keys:

  • Mod + I =
  • Mod + J =
  • Mod + K =
  • Mod + L =

Let's practice in the following spreadsheet by filling out all the cells with their placeholder content:

Now let's try the same exercise, but this time there are two words per cell, so you'll have to use Mod and Space interchangeably:

Navigating this way may not come naturally first, but don't worry – practice makes you perfect.

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