After all this time, we’re letting you know that we’ll be launching our campaign on October 15th. Yay!

Launching on 2015-10-15

Crowd Supply will be our crowdfunding platform of choice. We love them for a number of reasons: they are heavily focused on hardware, very hands on with projects, and make sure that their campaigns not only launch and get funded, but also deliver the goods.

To spice things up even more, we’ll be in New York at getgeeked on October 15th, and will launch the online campaign right then and there. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to say hi and play around with our prototypes.

As icing on the cake, I will be in San Francisco from October 6th to the 13th. Wanna meet me over a beer and try out one of our prototypes? Be sure to get in touch!

We will be offering one-time, super-early bird deals at the launch, so that you can get UHK at the best price ever. You’re welcome to share the news with your friends and get them subscribed, so that they’ll be able to get the best deal, too.

Talk to you soon!