While the UHK supports tenting (the middle of the keyboard is raised), negative tilting (front raised), and positive tilting (back raised), only the latter is useful without a palm rest, so we'll show you how to install the legs for positive tilting.

At this point, we feel obliged to mention that positive tilting is less ergonomical than leaving your keyboard flat because it bends your wrists backwards unnaturally. It's a remnant from the typewriter age that keyboards still support for no ergonomical reason. With this in mind, you can either leave your keyboard flat and proceed to the next page, or install the feet for positive tilting.

Since you're still here, you decided to install the feet for positive tilting. All right then, let's do it!

Please unpack the following items from the plastic bag inside of the keyboard box:

When tightening the screws, make sure not to overtighten them! Tighten them just enough so that the bases are flat against the surface of the keyboard.

When changing tenting/tilting orientations, be sure to screw properly.

Use a Philips PH1 screwdriver to screw on the 4 bases using the 12 screws. See the orientation of the bases and the location of the screws:

Finally, snap the legs into the bases. The orientation is not critical, but it's nicer if the recess of the feet is not visible:

If your keyboard looks like the one below, then you've made it!