Some keys of your UHK may start to produce repeated keystrokes or don't produce keystrokes at all. If your UHK is affected, let's try to figure out the root cause:

  1. Disconnect the bridge cable and merge the keyboard halves. The bridge cable may be faulty.
  2. Use the stock bridge cable. If you're using a third-party bridge cable, it may be the culprit, especially if it's long or contains thin wires.
  3. Use the stock USB cable. If you're using a third-party USB cable, it may cause issues.
  4. Connect your UHK directly to your computer. USB hubs, KVM switches, and docking stations may provide insufficient power.
  5. Connect your UHK to other computers. Some power supplies and chargers provide insufficient or noisy power.
  6. Connect your UHK via a powered USB hub. A powered USB hub should provide enough power to your UHK.
  7. Connect your UHK to a battery-powered laptop that isn't connected to mains power. If noisy mains power is the cause, your UHK should work this way.
  8. Try your UHK at another location; the farther, the better. Your environment may be affected by EMI (electromagnetic interference). Some appliances, such as treadmills, generate EMI.
  9. Use contact cleaner spray. If only certain keys are affected, then the misbehaving key switches probably have some contamination inside. Please remove the keycaps of the affected key switches (possibly with a DIY keycap puller), and spray contact cleaner spray into them while pressing them several times. Please note that although compressed air spray may work, we suggest using contact cleaner spray instead as it’s far more effective.
  10. Replace key switches. If only certain keys are affected, and the above doesn't help, the misbehaving key switches must be replaced. If you have a UHK 60 v2, you can easily replace the problematic switch with the keycap puller we provided. If you have a UHK 60 v1 and want to fix this yourself, you'll need to have basic soldering equipment; you can disassemble your UHK, then desolder the affected switches and solder new ones. If you choose this route and your two-year warranty is still valid, then we'll gladly reimburse your expenses, such as key switches. Alternatively, if fixing things is not your cup of tea, and our two-year warranty still covers you, then shoot us an email, include your order id, and we'll recall and fix your UHK. We even provide post-warranty repairs, so feel free to reach out to us.