The following is an official repair guide for the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard. Given that repair extends product lifespan and saves natural resources, we're dedicated to providing repair guides for our products. We do respect the two year warranty period of our products regardless. We even provide post-warranty repairs.

Please note that new UHKs are not affected by this issue. Read on for details.

First up, please read the ESD protection guide to have a good understanding of the issue, and whether you're affected.

If your UHK was hit by ESD and you want to fix it, please ground your UHK first according to the above guide, otherwise this issue might reoccur any number of times.

Now that you've grounded both halves of your UHK, the damaged processor must be replaced. In the majority of cases, the MK22FN512VLH12 processor of the right keyboard half must be replaced. Less often, the MKL03Z32VFK4 processor of the left keyboard half must be replaced. A hot air gun is the ideal tool to remove the broken processor. If you've never done this, it's not a good idea to practice on your UHK, and it'd make more sense to send it to us for repair.

Next up, the new processor must be soldered to the PCB. As always, pay attention to the orientation marker dot.

Now that the processor has been replaced, follow this guide to flash the bootloader (only needed on the right half), and then the firmware. You'll need a programming hardware according to the guide.