UHK disassembly guide

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This guide describes how to disassemble and reassemble your keyboard. It’s quite useful in general, and especially so for replacing your case with a case of another color. Let’s do it!

You’ll need:

  • a keycap puller, possibly a DIY keycap puller
  • a PH0 screwdriver
  • a PH1 screwdriver
  • prying tools


We’ll start with the right keyboard half. Unscrew the 2 PH1 screws, then separate the back and front parts of the case by using a prying tool. Start with the tab located at the bottom-right.

Work your way clockwise until you unsnap all the 7 tabs.

The procedure is the same for the left keyboard half, except that you should start at the bottom-left tab and proceed counter-clockwise.

Remove the keycaps according to the following picture, then unscrew the 1 PH0 screw at the top, and then the 5 PH1 plate screws per keyboard halves.

Extract the inner assembly from the bottom cases.


If you reassemble a used case, make sure to screw properly, otherwise the screw holes will get damaged. This is not relevant for a new, unused case.

When placing the inner assembly back into the case, make sure it’s aligned with the 2 highlighted bosses. Gently pull the inner assembly towards the case button (towards the right on the following picture).

Pull the inner assembly towards yourself during screwing (downwards on the following picture). Start with the farthest screw, and make sure that the screw hole and the boss are concentric. Screw in the 5 plate screws and the 1 PCB screw.

Let’s snap the top and bottom case parts and start with the right keyboard half. Snap the tab near the bottom-right.

Then the one at the opposite side.

When every tab has snapped together, screw the two screws.

Now let’s snap the top and bottom case parts of the left keyboard half. Make sure that the LED display is in the correct position.

Snap the tab near the case button.

Then the one at the opposite side.

Before snapping the rest of the tabs, check the last time that the LED display is in the correct position.

When every tab has been snapped, screw in the 2 screws.

Some of the case buttons might get stuck after reassembly. If this happens, push them gently away from the keycaps.

Finally, put the keycaps back onto the switches.

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