Switching between windows, browser tabs, and workspaces are very common tasks, but the relevant shortcuts are quite inconvenient to invoke on a normal keyboard. Take a look at the following layout to see how you can invoke these shortcuts far more comfortably via the Mod layer.

As you can see, the shortcuts are laid out in an intuitive manner, arranged into a cluster that is always at your fingertips.

Given that you use the left Mod key, your right hand will be free while using these shortcuts, so that you can use a physical mouse simultaneously.

Now let's go over the individual shortcuts, and please give them a try while you're at it.

Switching between windows

Reaching out for AltCmd + Tab to switch windows makes you leave the home row and twists your fingers. This is the reason why a convenience shortcut is provided for this purpose.

  • Mod + D = Next window ( AltCmd + Tab )

You can compose any such shortcuts with modifier keys, so Shift + Mod + D yields Shift + AltCmd + Tab which switches to the previous window.

Browser tab shortcuts

These shortcuts are really handy for managing tabs and moving between them. They can also be used in many applications apart from browsers.

  • Mod + W = Previous tab ( Ctrl + PgDn Ctrl + Shift + Tab )
  • Mod + R = Next tab ( Ctrl + PgUp Ctrl + Tab )
  • Mod + E = New tab ( CtrlCmd + T )
  • Mod + C = Close tab ( CtrlCmd + W )

Workspace navigation shortcuts

  • Mod + S = Previous workspace ( Ctrl Ctrl + Alt + )
  • Mod + F = Next workspace ( Ctrl Ctrl + Alt + )
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