Many of you have asked about the layout and keycaps of the UHK, so here they are.


This is the UHK ANSI layout:

And this the UHK ISO layout:

Replacing keycaps

We use OEM profile keycaps, so each row is angled. We use the following angles:

Keycaps of the same width and angle can be exchanged. There's a standard bump on the F and J keys to make touch typists easily locate these keys without looking – this might not make them suitable for replacement.

Non-standard keycaps

The rightmost keys of the UHK are shorter than the standard by 0.5U. This is to make the UHK as compact as possible and increase the symmetry of the keyboard halves.

Given the above, standard keycap sets available on the market won't fit the rightmost keys. Still, almost all keys can be purchased individually from the market, except for the R1 1.5U and R4X 1.75U keycaps, which are non-standard.

Keycap material

  • UHK 60 v2 keycaps are made of double-shot PBT.
  • UHK 60 v1 keycaps are made of ABS, and they're UV-coated.

Keycap color

We only provide black keycaps and don't plan to provide other keycap colors.

Replacement keycap sets

See the modded UHKs of our awesome customers below. Click on the pictures to see the relevant social media threads where details are discussed.