The UHK exposes an sophisticated USB interface which many KVM switches can't deal with. If a KVM switch doesn't work with the UHK, it doesn't mean that it won't ever work with the UHK. It may only be a matter of updating the firmware of the switch.

(*) It's important to note that there are passive and active KVM switches. Passive switches simply let USB traffic through, and rely on external buttons for switching. Active switches however parse USB traffic to capture certain key combinations to trigger switching. Unfortunately, the USB parsers of many KVM switches are rather limited, and only work with simple keyboards that expose a single USB keyboard interface unlike the UHK which exposes additional USB interfaces. This makes the UHK not fully work with such switches. The workaround is to plug the UHK into a generic port of such switches, not into a keyboard port which gets parsed. The drawback is that the KVM switch is unable to capture key combinations, so switching is only possible with external buttons this way.

NameUHK keyboard feature worksUHK mouse feature worksAgent works via the KVMFirmware versionComments
Aten CS22UYesYesYesN/A
Aten CS533YesYesYes1.3.121Attach UHK to computer instead of KVM. Also attach KVM to computer. Tap+Software for Windows is needed.
Avocent SwitchView SC740YesNoNoN/APressing more than 6 keys at the same time makes the switch freeze for 10 seconds then reboot. Macros only partially work.
Black Box KV6204AYesYesYesOnly works in generic port. (*)
IOGEAR GCS1104YesYesYesOnly works in generic port. (*)
IOGEAR GCS1204GYesYesYesOnly works in generic port. (*)
StarTech SV431DPUA2YesYesOnly works in generic port. (*)

If your KVM switch is not in the list, please update its firmware, then send us the above information and we'll include it.