Up until this point I was the only one testing the UHK and using it as my daily driver which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy but also somewhat worried. As the lead developer of the project I'm hopelessly biased and rather clueless regarding how other folks would use it.

A while ago András and I were attending to Forbes Flow where we managed to show our beloved keyboard to Ádám Somlai-Fischer, cofounder & principal artist of Prezi. Prezi is considered to be the most successful Hungarian startup of all times so let me just say that this is a big deal for us. Thankfully, Ádám found our project quite interesting and generously offered his help. We asked for testers and we ended up getting contacted by them pretty soon.

Today was a truly remarkable day because it hallmarks the delivery of our two, recently built, 5th generation prototypes to the chosen six, namely:







Apparently, we forgot to take pictures of Dávid and Vilmos so shame on us! Also, Kálmán couldn't make it but we hope that we'll be able to meet him in person eventually.

Thank you very much Prezi, Ádám, and the chosen six for your help! We already learned a ton of stuff from you guys and this is only getting better as you start to use the prototypes during your daily work. Fear not, we're here to hold your hands!

Last but not least, special thanks go to Ákos Tolnai, our strategic consultant from Ability Matrix. He was with us all the time at Prezi HQ providing invaluable insights that are critical to onboard future users as gracefully as possible.